Our vision is to see native forests recovering across Africa

Reforest Africa is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to develop and implement techniques for ecological restoration, conservation and monitoring of African forests for wildlife and people.

In doing this we:

  • build resilience to climate change;
  • develop transferrable methods for planning;
  • execute and monitor biodiversity conservation;
  • improve the quality and connectivity of native forests and woodlands ecosystems;
  • bring societal benefits (especially income) from improving ecosystem health;
  • improve societal awareness of the benefits of biodiversity conservation;
  • support national and international research into Africa’s ecosystems and livelihoods;
  • build capacity in local communities for conservation management;
  • contribute to national and international biodiversity, ecosystem service, development and tourism targets;
  • collate forest biomass and carbon inventories for voluntary and non-voluntary carbon markets;
  • develop management plans for village land, protected areas and nature reserves;
  • build capacity of smallholder tree growers in forest certification and forest/woodlot management;
  • attract ecotourism and research-oriented study tours for Africans and international visitors;
  • facilitate applied ecology research in natural habitat.

Our initial focus is on high biodiversity regions in Tanzania.