Our vision is to see native forests recovering across Africa

We are a growing charity with a vision is to see “Native forests recovering across Africa”. We strive towards this vision by developing and implementing novel, community-centred activities for conserving and restoring native African forests for the benefit of wildlife and people. Our work is both scientific and practical, discovering new approaches for saving and growing forests at the same time as applying them to forest landscapes in need of help. Hence, our work is divided approximately equally between forest restoration and management, and training and inspiring local people to care for trees and find ways to use them sustainably, to boost their income and livelihoods. We plant trees, but where possible, we prefer to encourage seeds already present in the soil to germinate naturally, through weed clearance, planting shade trees, encouraging seed-dispersing animals, and preventing unnatural fires.

We aspire to:

  • Improve the conservation and restoration of native forests
  • Improve the benefit of native forests for local people
  • Improve awareness of the benefits of native forests
  • Use both pioneering and existing techniques for planning, implementing and assessing forest conservation
  • Use approaches that are both scientifically-validated and considerate of local livelihoods
  • Conduct and support world-leading research into forests, threatened species, local livelihoods and their interactions
  • Engage and partner with governments to achieve national and international environment and development targets
  • Support a variety of approaches to forest conservation beyond traditional protected areas
  • Build capacity and benefits for smallholder tree-growers
  • To attract and facilitate forest ecotourism

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved, donate, or to visit one of our forests.

Our initial focus is on high biodiversity regions in Tanzania.